History and Vision

Gabriel, adhering to his Coast Salish heritage, named the company “Chai It’s A-Lung” meaning “building a house.” He started the company to provide a service to his community with a level of quality work that exceeds the minimum standard requirements. He also wanted to build a legacy for his family to grow into; a foundation where he can pass down his knowledge. Seeing his family and community flourish is one of Gabriel’s greatest motivators. He is excited to see where his children will take the company one day.
Gabriel’s personable attitude and ability to empathize enables him to visualize, plan, and build a space for people within their budget. He believes in providing quality work and enjoys the variety of settings and people this industry allows him to connect with. The satisfaction of improving the quality of life for his customers keeps Gabriel happy with his career. 


First and foremost, Gabriel is a builder. He has more than 26 years of experience. He is from Washington state and grew up helping his grandfather with various projects. By the time Gabriel was 25, he had reached Master Craftsman status. He has a large body of experience and expertise ranging from building furniture to skyscrapers. He has 46 bridges, 3 tunnels, 2 damns, 2 high rises, multiple remodels, restaurants, decks, and several houses from the ground up under his belt.
His knowledge of building, from the foundational aspects to finish carpentry, affords Gabriel the ability to envision the end result of a project from the start. He can see multiple perspectives of the building process, providing him the skills necessary to implement the most efficient means of construction. Gabriel believes in developing a space that is meant to last.